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Welcome to my blog 

Melinda thinks it’s a good idea to start my blog, probably to ease the pain on her ears as I blab away about battle with my cancer, Multiple Myeloma. Lol. That’s not true, but I do feel a desire to have a platform to keep family and friends informed and so rather than clog up Facebook with my thoughts I’d rather do it this way. 

I don’t know how often I will write. Maybe daily, maybe less. I think the disease my have a lot to say about that. But I do know I need your participation to make it worthwhile so please join the blog and leave feedback on my posts, as you have been doing on Facebook. It’s very important to me as I try to live with and despite of this terrible disease. 

15 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog 

  1. My good buddy, You are awesome- Want you to think on some positive things to even out the score of all the pain- You have wonderful family and friends who love you and really care- let us know what we can do to help, or make things easier- dont be shy about- I know you’d do the same- soooo are you doing some things for your pain?
    Hugs, love and confidence- Your Friend, Maddy

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    • Hi Maddy! I am officially in Stage 3 of MM, which is the final stage, but I have been told by the Oncologist not to pay attention to stages because Stage 3 is not a certain death stage because even the final stage can be controlled with the right mixture of treatments.


      • well i know according to doctors some people live at least 3-10 years depending on stage, other factors and of course, there are trial experimental drugs too– so tell me are there certain things you want to do that you’d like to do but haven’t been able to that i can help you with? What would be something of interest, fun and maybe even a little distraction for you and Melinda?


      • My oncologist says that his patients with similar numbers as I have been averaging 15 years since diagnosis. I’d take that!
        Melinda and I like to take quick little trips to see the Rangers on the road. We’ve been trying to figure out a way to do that with me in dialysis?


      • Hi Cecil its Maddy, well heres the thing… sometimes you and Melinda need a couple of things that sometimes you might lose site of heres a natural list; you might feel too sad or feel in pain too much to want to eat- or maybe Melinda needs a night off , or maybe just a change up or maybe… just need to know your always thought of and people love you both- i think that helping others is a great way to help yourself- it makes you feel good to know you can brighten someones day- so once in a while i hope i brighten yours and sweet Melinda’s- with everything your going through- and since im not physically there to hug you both- its an official hug for June- i hope June your able to find a little ls pain and one better day for you both- hugs and love, your friend-Maddy Jacobs

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  2. 15 would be incredible! So your a Rangers fan… LOL… NY METS (they are sucking wind); Is the Rangers Stadium far from you? Whose your favorite player? How often do you go to the game and what do you do for Dyalis when you go?
    Do you also like basketball too? I know most people like the Warriors but Im a Lebron James fan… know they are very much the Cavs an underdog. Gosh I wish they’d win


    • Mandy! We got the Steaks and Shrimp gift from you and all I can say is wow!!!! Why are you so great to us? I know why. You are just a kind hearted person.


  3. you are always welcome- hang in there- with the chemo treatments, im praying for you- word press keeps locking me out and im tired of them but if i have to email or message you through face book or text you i will- word press has done this several times now , im sorry if you got any messages late sweet man. love to Melinda and prayers for you Maddy

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    • Humm. I got this through word
      Press press so I hope it’s working now but don’t worry because you’ll always be on the short list that get updates 😏


  4. My dearest friend; Cecil, all you have been through, all you are going through- you are still here- your family, friends are still here- it may sometimes seem like of little consolation, but It says this; no matter, the nightmare, no matter the hallucination, no matter the pain, disappointment, rain, snake, bad nurse, cold sweats, confusion or fear- my dear friend, you are here with us. Your feet may never feel quite touching the floor under you- but you are here- with family, friends, you are loved, prayed for, In that. In just those simple small things- you are grounded- May your days be full of that love, that safety net in your heart, peace in the back of your mind, know, you are grounded in our hearts, our minds, always loved- Truly Yours, forever hopeful and faithful friend- Maddy Jacobs

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