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Why the title? Stay awake Cecil?

I’m not very good at naming blogs and such. 

One of the most memorable nights of this phase of my life took place in late January when I think I came close to death, or at least a coma. 

It was during a stretch that I will refer to many times in this blog in the future. For at least a week I basically checked out from reality and experienced a series of nightmares, hallucinations, and flat out scary mental experiences. We think these incidents were cause mostly by an imbalance of electrolytes. 

One night I vividly recall a couple of nurses trying hard to keep me awake for fear that if I fell asleep I may not come back. I never saw the nurses, but I heard their voices and I felt them walking me around the room. 

All I saw was darkness creeping slowly from the corners of my vision. I honestly felt that I was losing control of my life and that if I closed my eyes they were closed forever. 

The nurses saved me, in my mind, by consultantly and forcibly repeating, “stay awake Cecil”. “Stay awake Mr. Savage”.  

I eventually stabilized and survived that night thanks to those persistent and caring nurses. 

4 thoughts on “Why the title? Stay awake Cecil?

  1. Very moving, Cecil! Nurses are awesome…such strong advocates for patients and, often, a true lifeline, as well. Keep up the fight!


  2. About that same time Felicia was fighting her own fight at the trauma ICU at Medical Center Plano. She left her body and looked down on it. She says it was angels that brought her down and back into her body. She says it sounds more like a gels with you too. Her broken hand doesn’t let her text very well so she said for me to tell you “love you old friend”.

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