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Busy day in my world. 

I woke up feeling pretty good today and it’s a good thing because I will need all my strength to feel the same at the end of the day. 

It’s just after 6am and I am sitting in the Dialysis chair having driven the 3 milies to my treatment center. I’ll talk about dialysis in a future blog post in detail but for now just know that I go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at around 5:30am and each session is 4 hours. 

I also have a Chemo treatment today, which is scheduled for 11:15am at the Moncrief Cancer Center in downtown Fort Worth. 

It’s s not at all unusual to have Dialysis and Chemo on the same day and in fact i’m accustomed to it on Wednesday and Thursday back to back. What is out of the ordinary is that time of today’s Chemo is a challenge for several reasons. I will get out of Dialysis around 9:50am and then rush home to grab a quick bite to eat which my body needs. I will also take my morning medications that Melinda will have left out for me. Then I will head out the door for the 15 minute drive to Chemo. 

The big key is how I feel after Dialysis because I will always feel tired but i’m hoping it doesn’t leave me also leave me wiped out to the point of making driving a challenge. Usually my Chemo treatments are at 1:30 or 2pm which allows my body time to recover from the morning Dialysis. 

I should get out of Chemo around 1:30 today and I will head home for what will likely be a much needed nap. 

2 thoughts on “Busy day in my world. 

    • Update. The cardiologist visit was kind of routine and nothing was learned or steps taken.
      He wants to get with my Oncologist and move forward with and MRI or heart biopsy before deciding anything else. He tends to think I do not have this spreading of the cancer.


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