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Rough morning at Dialysis. 

The true danger of going through a dialysis treatment showed itself this morning. 

A patient, a few chairs down from me, had an event that triggered the staff to call for an ambulance and emergency assistance. I don’t know what the problem was and I won’t speculate but I did say a prayer for this person, whom I don’t know. 

I also found out from the lady sitting next to me that a person that I knew as Al passed away a few days ago from Cancer related complications. That hit me hard because I knew Al as a nice older gentlemen. 

We are getting dialysis treatment because we are very ill individuals and events like this morning drive it home and hits very close. 

8 thoughts on “Rough morning at Dialysis. 

  1. My friend, Joy, went through dialysis last year. She lost her hair, but never her smile. Sitting behind her in church Wednesday night, I noticed her hair has grown back, and she still has a smile for everyone she meets. She always encourages others, as do you. May all your todays be better than your yesterdays, but not as good as your tommorows.

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  2. Prayers for you daily. You have A+ courage. Keep it up. Remember God is holding your right hand and helping you.


  3. May Peace rain in your heart like a morning cloudburst and may grace flow like a deep docile river in the depths of your soul and may healing come to your mortal body friend…


  4. I’m sure this hits so close. I’m not good with words but hope you can not let it diminish your spirit and optimism. Stay strong. Prayers Cecil.


  5. I’m here as of today and so thankful a friend shared this with me. You’re in our hearts, thoughts and many daily prayers. I hope that things work out so that we can get that meal brought over to you soon. We love you deeply our loyal, kind, brave friend. You are special to us all Cecil💛

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    • That’s so very nice to say Kim. I know Thomas feels the day way!
      I keep saying that it’s friends like you that give me the stamina and energy to press on!


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