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Surgery tomorrow is a good thing. 

It’s not very often that “going under the knife” can be looked at as a positive that the patient is actually looking for to.  Tomorrow morning at UT Southwestern Hospital in Dallas I will have a minor surgical procedure that will greatly improve my quality of life. 

I will have a catheter removed from my chest which has been very frankly a pain in my ass since it was installed in January. The catheter has been used to withdraw blood for both the oncology and dialysis teams that work with me. Luckily,  the Dialysis catheter was removed a few weeks ago, but the one that the cancer people use is still there, until tomorrow! 

This image is a good representation of the catheter setup I have right now. The tubes are used to capture blood drawn. I used to have 4 tubes but now I have 2, like in the image.

The reasons I am happy to see this catheter go bye bye is because when I walk it sometimes sounds like bottles clanking. It’s easy to roll over it when sleeping and I have fear that will rip it out. It’s visible under a tight fighting shirt. But the #1 reason I can’t wait to get rid of this monstrosity is because I GET TO TAKE A SHOWER!! 

I haven’t had a shower since this was installed. Just “wash offs”. The risk of any moisture getting anywhere near the catheter is too great and could lead to infections of perhaps uncontrollable perpotions. It’s just not worth the risk. 

The Mediport goes under the skin and allows more flexibility when pulling blood.

During tomorrow’s precudure I will have what’s called a Mediport installed which will allow acces to pull blood and yet I will be able to take a shower. I can’t wait! 

9 thoughts on “Surgery tomorrow is a good thing. 

  1. Yeah!!!! I’m so very happy to hear you are happy!! I’m still praying for you all the time. I’ll be in Dallas all next week and we will be getting together. I can’t wait to see you.

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  2. Cecil, I am happy you getting rid that thing, I’ve two sisters that had to have tubes hanging out of them after they went home and it was extremely uncomfortable for them. God be with you.

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  3. Cecil, I’m glad you are making another milestone in getting well! Although you think your progress is slow, every day is moving you forward to good health. You are prayed for often here, and we look forward to seeing more news of your recovery. Stay awake, Cecil!

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  4. YES! God knows that I remember that “first shower” after removal. The port had one advantage for me in that I have an outright aversion to needles. Period.

    Your description of problems sleeping with the “clinking” of the legs… Yeah, I do feel you here, truly.

    Nowadays, I am doing the “maintenance regimen” with bi-weekly injections of Velcade and monthly Pamidronade infusion by IV. I was “stuck” four times yesterday morning…

    Hang on, brother-mine. We WILL get through this crap…

    You know, they say that the Lord will not put more on you than you can handle. I just wish he sometimes wouldn’t check my limits as much…

    Keep grinnin’ so they’ll keep wondering.

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  5. Oh Cecil, no showers? I understand why. So, my friend, take as long as you need in a hot shower…My thoughts are with you everyday. I read the posts that you send. Prayers for you. Much love, Sandi

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