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Surgery went well. For the most part. 

I have my port. To be specific I have my Power Port. The surgery to remove my chest catheter and install the port went well the other day, but not without a few bumps in the road. 

My son Evan was my ride for the day because I had very strict instructions that I would not be able to drive after the procedure. 

The appointment was for 9am, with the actual surgery for 11am and things were going well to start as I got checked into a nice room at UT Southwestern complete with a TV.  My nurse, Swann, was very nice and got me started with the usual taking of vital signs and so forth. All was good. 

Then, 11am past and became 11:30 and then noon and I started to get a little antsy as well as hungry and thirsty because I was fasting. I asked Evan to open the door because I wanted to reach out to the next person who walked by as to why this was taking so long? So, mI got the attention of the next nurse that walked by and explained my situation and she said she would go check why there was a delay. 

Another nurse, still no Swann, came in and a bit dramatically explained that they were having unforeseen problems with the surgery ahead of me but that it should be “just a bit longer” before they got to me. I inquired what type of procedure the person with the problems was having and she said the same as mine. Now I was late and nervous. 

Noon became 1pm and my hunger and thirst continued to grow, plus I imagined a team of doctors struggling to keep the poor person ahead of me alive. On top of that, Evan was watching soccer! 

Now i’m getting a bit angry and told the nurse that I needed a firm time or I would just reschedule the whole thing. Then I got to thinking that the main reason to get the port installed was so that I could take a shower for the first time since being in the hospital back in January. So, saying I wanted to come back another time was indeed a bluff. It wasn’t working anyway because I was told these things happen and they want to give the patient having issues the needed focus. I couldn’t argue with that. 

Finally, at around 2:30, they came to get me. Naturally I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to get things going. 

The surgery itself was pretty routine with one interesting tidbit. The doctor performing the procedure kept asking me if we had met before becaus my name was familiar and so was my voice. Then he asks if I had been in this hospital and went thru some confusion. I said said yes and he said that was it and that he was the one who installed the chest catheter back in January and that he remembered me because I was really sick and having a rough time. He said, “you look a lot better than you did that day”. 

They knocked me out and an hour later I had my port! 

6 thoughts on “Surgery went well. For the most part. 

  1. I know the feeling of getting antsy, thirsty and hungry when they have you in there just before they do their or rather YOUR procedure and they want you there so so early to get prepped; and then waiting and waiting and you feel like walking out but you don’t because you understand the logic of why the doc is in there for such a long time. Amen brother. Take care Cecil. 🙂

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  2. How did the shower feel? Was it worth the delay with no food or liquids? I know you will be REALLY Thankful and immediately forget your inconvenience on surgery day when that shower head spurts water upon you. Prayers and keep on blogging!


  3. I hope you’re feeling better, and I’m sure you’ll be delighted to get that shower tomorrow.. Continued prayers Cecil


  4. Healthcare these days seems a bit overwhelmed by the numbers who now can access care, at least in some states. Waiting and stressing don’t sound fun. But the ultimate outcome sounds good. Have you learned to deep breathe and meditate? It’s free, always with you, no unpleasant side effects, and can reduce pain and unnecessary worries!


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