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 Latests trip to the Oncologist 

Wednesday was one of those tough days which included a morning dialysis treatment and afternoon chemo. Yes, I was drained at the end of the day, as usual.

Cecil undergoing Chemo treatment. 6-14-17

Just before Chemo I had my monthly  chat with my Oncologist, doctor Larry Anderson , Oncology specialist at UT Southwestern in Dallas. The only oncologist in North Texas to exclusively treat plasma cell cancers, he sees about 90 percent of the Multiple Myeloma patients who come to UT Southwestern .

Melinda and I are very comfortable with him because he shoots straight and keeps us informed. 

Cecil undergoing Chemo treatment. 6-14-17

 I was hoping that he would tell us the Chemo treatments are done with because I had progressed so far. Instead he told us that he wants to do a Kidney Biopsy because he wants to be 100% sure the Cancer has not spread to, and is effecting my heart. A condition known as Cardiac amyloidosis. The somewhat positive feeling l have about this is neither Dr. Anderson or my Cardiologist have a strong feeling I have this but since I have multiple myeloma cancer the only way to tell safely is a kidney biopsy. 

So, I will be told in the next week or when I will have that procedure and when I know you will know too 🤣. 

7 thoughts on “ Latests trip to the Oncologist 

  1. I love hearing your story from you (you don’t have a ghost writer, or do you?). Keep that stiff upper lip. You know why you have such a good doctor. The University of Texas has only the VERY BEST! Hook Em Horns!
    (You haven’t forgotten that I bleed ORANGE!)

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  2. Cecil, I read all your posts. Everyday I pray for you and Melinda. You are such a strong man and I know God has plans for you. Keep up with the good fight. Love you

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