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Painful Night 

Multiple Myeloma  is a sneaky, vicious form of Cancer because you can never tell what symptoms will hit you and when. 

Last night was one of the worst nights for pain since I was in the Hospital back in January. The pain was centered in my back but moved down both legs making in really hard to walk with any confidence I could get around very well. It was excruciating. 

 Melinda, as usual, was quick to respond and gave me hydrocordon, a fresh Fentyal Patch and  Ropinirole,  which is a muscle relaxer of sorts for Restless Legs Syndrome which is a nasty but little understood condition that I have. 

It took a couple of hours but the brew of those mdications nulled the pain and discomfort enough so that I could get to sleep. 

I had wanted to just sit in the recliner and watch the Ranger game but could only make it to about the 4th innning and I had to get in bed and I finally fell asleep. 

Such is the life of a Multiple Myeloma patient. 

11 thoughts on “Painful Night 

  1. Dear Cecil,
    I don’t have anything like you have or experienced but do have a horrible back (so say my doctors) and one day I just couldn’t move out of my chair to just go home; excruciating pain but I got my butt up out of the chair and worse was trying to get into my car. Once home, I had take a pain pill on top of a muscle relaxer; one of the worse days of my life. I pray for you each day and I hope your life is on the upward swing. God Bless you and yours.

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      • Hi Cecil. I’m new to this and not very computer literate. But I do have a story as well. My pain started in my back as well. The on the floor pain. I’ve had bones to break as well . Had to have a hip transplant cause my leg was hanging on by a thread. Somewhere in your post I saw where you are now in stage 3. I was in stage 3, 18 years ago when we discovered my myeloma. I’m still in stage 3 now and on Pomalyst. I take my pill every night while waiting for a cure. However, after 18 years and many different treatments including a stem cell transplant, which didn’t hold I’m not concerned cause God’s got my back. He’ll have yours too. I’ll pray for you and all patient with mm and all incurable diseases. Hope to talk to you again soon. Hang in there.

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  2. Thinking of you this morning as you struggle with such pain. I continue to lift up prayers and love aimed your way. I am glad your wife is such a devoted caregiver in more ways than just helping with meds. You are strong and resilient and know the power of God’s word. Here’s hoping that you’re surrounded with love tomorrow on Father’s Day! Know too that you’ve got a whole army of prayer warriors behind ya!

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  3. Continued prayers for you and Melinda. It’s good your doctor is thorough to make sure it hasn’t spread and that you have a wonderful wife that knows how to guide you. Prayers for the biopsy to return with good news and for the pain to subside.

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  4. Hey Cecil – been following your journey. I can’t begin to imagine what all you’re going through, but I’m pulling for you and hope you feel better soon. I know we don’t know each other really well, but you were one of the ‘voices of my childhood’ and I remember your voice from just about (if not all) of the Wildcat football sportscasts from my high school days. Here’s to hoping for more better days than bad, more hope than despair, more comfort than pain, and most of all, better days ahead.

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    • Very nice things to say Brandon😀. I have very fond memories of those days in Sulphur Springs and was blessed by the experience.
      People around me now have no clue of my broadcasting days. Even my wife and kids never heard me on the air lol


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