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Saying goodbye to Otis

Living with Multiple Myeloma means dealing with brittle bones, one of the many nasty ways the cancer dictates to its victims. I have to be extremely careful as I move about that I don’t fall because it won’t take much to have a disastrous injury. 

According Web MD, when cancerous plasma cells are in bone marrow, your bones can’t break down and regrow (remodel) as they should. This makes them thin and creates areas of abnormal bone called bone lesions. Almost everyone who has multiple myeloma will have bone lesions at some time. 

I fell and broke a bone in my shoulder in February during my hospital stay but luckily it healed pretty quickly. I’m still very weak  after that extended hospital visit and use a cane to steady myself and prevent another fall. Unfortunately there are some things that all the cautious measures can’t prevent. 

Last Friday I was home by myself and went to the refrigerator to grab a drink to take some medication with. My trouble began as as I started getting dizzy as a result of my chronic low hemoglobin which causes dizziness when I get up too quickly from sitting. Usually I can stop and steady myself with the help of my cane. Ummm, I didn’t have it on this short walk, however.  

I tried to grab the top shelf of the refrigerator but that didn’t work as it was cold and slippery and so I thought I could then pivot to my right and lean against the countertop to balance and steady myself. The problem was my sweet pittbulldog Otis was occupying the area and he wasn’t giving it up, as usual. Otis folllows me all over the house and Melinda and I had fears that it would be an issue someday. That day had arrived.  

With a slippery shelf and a firmly planted dog my only option was to fall backwards. My tailbone hit first and then my head. After the initial shock I tried to get up off the floor and it took me a couple of minutes because my legs are so weak. But I made it and was ok. No broken bones! 

When Melinda got home from work I didn’t hesitate to tell her about the incident. We had discussed the possible danger Otis caused when it came to my freely getting around.  Melinda LOVES dogs and Otis is more of her pet than mine but she had firmly stated previously that my safety was #1.  I hoped we’d never test that statement but the time had arrived and she spent the evening looking for a new home for Otis and a nice couple picked him up Saturday. 

We were both saddened but I see it as another victim if this terrible disease i’m battling. 


5 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Otis

    • As mentioned, Melinda is a big pet person and it hurt her to make that decision but it just shows how much she loves me. We are in this fight together. Along with cherished friends like you!


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