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A beautiful gift from Minnesota! 

I contintue to be amazed at the pure kindness and generosity of you, my friends. Arriving today was simply beautiful hand crafted quilt courtesy of my very dear friend Susan Horton Kuehn. I can’t believe the job she did! 

I should have known something was up when she asked me my favorite sports team. Texas Rangers was my answer.  I had already revived an equally impressive quilt a few weeks ago from my high school classmate Dee Dee Rainbolt Dozier and I can use them because one of the things that comes with Multiple Myeloma many times is Anemia, which I do have, and I get cold a lot. Especially during Dialysis. The quilts come in handy!  

6 thoughts on “A beautiful gift from Minnesota! 

  1. Dear Cecil: It’s a beautiful quilt! Now if the Rangers can only start playing a little more consistent and get some victories in the win column for you while you stay warm underneath it. It looks like you have lost some weight. But you do look comfortable with that quilt on. I hope that you are feeling better and that the daily routine is a bit smoother and not as much of a hassle. You should not be surprised at how much you are loved and appreciated. I think of you often and we are praying for you. We want the good Lord, Jesus Christ, to have his healing hand on you and take this stuff away. We all want you to be pain-free and not have to do Dallas or Dialysis. I look forward to going to a Ranger game in person so that you can cheer them on at the Ballpark. I do not think a Quilt will be needed until late September? Hang in there Cecil, keep fighting, keep, praying, and yes please stay awake! DAVE O

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    • Thanks for all the thoughts Dave and I would love to go to a Ranger game when I get up and better!
      I lost we think around 40 pounds in my hospital stay, most of it during and around my lost week I wrote about.


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