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Ugh…Another fall. 

This is getting bothersome! I fell down again this morning but I am still extremely lucky because there is no damage. No broken bones anything. 

As mentioned in an earlier post, multiple myeloma patients are at a very high risk for broken bones. 

The main reason for falls both today and last Friday is because I am getting very dizzy of late when I stand up too quick from sitting and start walking. 
My hemoglobin count is the culprit. As of my last blood work by my Oncologist, my hemoglobin count was at 7.8. That’s low. According to the Mayo Clinic, “low hemoglobin count is generally defined as less than 13.5 grams”.

The lower the count is lower the amount of red blood cells my body is getting for oxygen and I feel faint when I get up until my body stabilizes things. 

A blood transfusion is a quick way to boost the red blood count and I did have one a couple of months ago and felt great afterwards. My Oncologist has not ordered one this time. Yet. 

Today I was headed to the restroom and started feeling dizzy and faint about halfway there. I made it to the door handle and hit the floor, landing on all fours. I stayed that way for a minute until Melinda helped me up. I made a quick inventory of my body and declared myself fine. 

9 thoughts on “Ugh…Another fall. 

  1. Ive had a similar count (8)in my past, and being lightheaded is no joke- and indeed, hemoglobin count , boosting Red blood-cells becomes very important. When I had a double hip replacement years back, they would not allow the operation to take place until I was a minimum of 10. I spent 6 months with an IV every week giving me vitamins I lacked. Understand your wiped out, so hang in there! How is dialysis and Chemo going? Hugs and prayers- Maddy

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    • Dialysis always wipes me out. On days I have Chemo too, like yesterday, i’m pretty much useless. I am sitting in the Chemo chair ad on write this and it won’t be too bad until later in the day I’ll be tired.


      • I get ya. Sorry your having to go through all of this. How is weather in Dallas? Cloudy and 79 in New York- so have you heard about some of the basketball trades? Its like a soap opera out there Chris Paul to Houston ,Melo asking knicks to go to Cleveland or Houston… Blake not sure if staying with Clippers or going to OK, and Paul George who knows? my knicks are going to have to get rid of the owner I wish hed sell out- and get a new president and new players- a total rebuild- your Buddy Maddy


  2. Oh boy Cecil, I don’t know what to say cause I know you’re careful. Juust keep praying for yourself and hang in there. You’re going through the forest now but you’ll be coming out soon. And when you look back this will only be a testimony.

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  3. Cecil, stop being in such a rush. As i told you my cousin is fighting stage 4 brain cancer and ever time i go walking with her she seems to be in a rush. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s so use to her independence at a fast pace or she’s worried about waisting my time (which she seems to always think). But i’m constantly having to remind her to slow down that i’m there for her, that she’s not wasiting my time and that there is no other place I would rather be than helping get her through this. Please Cecil slow down you can’t treat your body as if it’s 100% while going through treament you have to work your way up to that. So get up slow get your balance together and take your time.Your in my prayers my Friend !


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