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A good Bye To Dealertrack (corrected)

I worked just about the expansion of my life. I’v been car carhop, worked a hot dog stand, been in radio/TV, a Target Manager, been the “car bidness” and several things in between. It looks like it’s all over

I don’t know if I will ever work again. The credit to cancer. The sorrow is with the me. 
I few days ago I had a long and open talk with Jonathan Herrera, my boss and friend with my current employer, DealerTrack which is a worldwide provider of stoftware solutions. Chances are that if you purchased a car you touched bases with something Dealertrack sold the dealer. I  worked 7 years for them and was home based, but my team was mostly in New York. 
I don’t don’t know that I will ever work again. 

With my daylysis and Chemo schedules the way they they and never knowing what will be a good day or bad for me, I just can’t commit to working my, even if I want to. My job is now defeating multiple myeloma

The post is a correction from Thursday, when fell asleep during Chemo and accidentally sent the post to “published “. I apologize. 

This post also touches on the finance of Cancer and I plan to dicuss it next time. 

9 thoughts on “A good Bye To Dealertrack (corrected)

  1. We had worked together since you arrived at DT. i left, but never left or forget my friends and those that helped me. Jonathan is a great guy and definitely one of those persons- and you know we are buddies.

    Cecil, you are working. Remember this; Every day, you work. Its not a work you necessarily would want to do, choose to do. But, you are working my friend. Everyday your working at getting healthy, staying alive, that takes full-time energy and know-how. So Everyone knows you’d rather be doing the kind of work you had before, the work you were use to and liked. But, sometimes we are just given a different bend in the road- hang in there- we pray for you yes, but its a tribute to your tenacity, courage, and share will sometimes, to getting better- Its one of the qualities we see in you as a human(one of the many reasons we like,admire and love you buddy). When your stronger or able you well may do something else-. There are jobs always needing to be filled, but right now this is your full time job. Never doubt, you have the courage of a Lyon- and my friend, a Lyon eventually roars- Always, your friend Peace, love, hugs- Maddy Jacobs

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  2. Dear Cecil,
    Such sad news. Not finding work verses not able to work are two very different things and I feel for you. But you are still young and hopefully these treatments will come to an end to a healthy YOU! One step at a time my friend. Have to get well and that’s a job in itself. It takes a strong person to keep going and I believe in you. 🙂

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  3. Cecil, It ain’t over until God says it over!!! You got a full time job right now…fighting! Your health and strength is a full time job. The pay is better than any company can offer. Do your job and get better; rest when you need to and keep us updated when you feel like it. Take care of yourself, you are stronger than you know. Some would have given up but you sir just keep on fighting. You have a strong support system (Ms. Melinda – your ROCK), prayer warriors and your faith. With God there ain’t nothing you can’t do. Praying for you always. Take care my DT friend!

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  4. Hey Cecil, count it as a blessing. I haven’t worked in 18 years. And you might say that’s okay cause I’m a women. Maybe her husband will take care of her. Well my husband died of colon cancer two weeks before I found out I had Multiple Myeloma. I really did not even have time to work but I didn’t know it. I had to learn how to take care of me and my 8 year old grandson who we were raising. I don’t know where the time went I only ask God for and extra 10 years to get him out of high school. God opened a door for me that I could not have done no-matter how I’d try. I have been a youth director in my church for the last 12 years as a part time paid staff. I am doing what I love to do and getting paid for it. I’ll add more to my story little by little. I know you will be okay Cecil. Relax and don’t worry. You need your strength. You’ll figure it out. You’re a smart man. I can tell by your blog. God bless you and stay awake Cecil. Jane…….

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