Former AL MVP Dies Of Cancer I’m Struggling With

Don Baylor, who played in part of 19 big-league seasons (including 1979, after which he won the Most Valuable Player Award) and who managed in parts of nine others, has passed away, according to multiple reports. Baylor’s death was confirmed by his son to Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statemen

Former major-league baseball star and Austin native Don Baylor died Monday morning after a long struggle with multiple myeloma. He was 68.

He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer that weakens the bones, in 2003. He became an advocate and fund-raiser to fight the disease.

“The regular cancers have had so much money thrown into the pot, and like Multiple Myeloma, we still can’t find a cure,” Baylor said in 2013. “This is a specialized cancer. Maybe we can bring up awareness for Multiple Myeloma. Prostate cancer is men. Breast cancer is women. This can strike anybody. It skips one person and gets another. You don’t even have to be a certain age to get this.”

Quick update. 

I have not been abl to write to anything new of late as I have a new medication that is giving me fits and is causing me problems with concentration, and twitches. It took me an hour to just down this note!

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