My Kidney Biopsy Report is In

Remember the very important Kidney Biopsy procedure I had a little more than a week ago to determine if my cancer is also spreading to my heart, a rare and serious condition known as Amyloidosis? Well, the final relults are in you can put a big mark the win column in my battle against multiple myeloma!!!! 

The results are very good, though my very personal fight against this nasty, sneaky, and life changing form of cancer still rolls on every day. The great news from my oncologist, Doctor Anderson, allows us all to breathe easier today. Here is a part of the email from Doctor Anderson. 

“Good news, no amyloidosis. 

I will have to see how your heart makers behave before deciding if we need to ask for a heart biopsy in the coming weeks but we may be able to avoid it since no signs of amyloid in the kidneys.”

Last week Doctor Anderson felt I was doing well enough, despite being visibly tired, that he felt it was ok give me a much needed week of from Chemo treatments. Now the good news about the kidney biopsy is delivered. Let’s all celebrate! Knowing we still have a long road to hoe. 

A very busy day on my schedule 

Wednesday is almost certainly the most hectic day of the week on my schedule, with today as no exception. 

I’m already in the dialysis chair which should end around 10am or just a bit shorter. I will take a break for a lunch or breakfast meal and then it will be on to Dallas for Chemo. Melinda is taking the day off so that she can driive me. Most of my Chemo sessions take place at the Moncrief Cancer Institute in Fort Worth, which I really like because its an easy drive from my house and it is usually not crowded and I can get in and out pretty quickly. 

The reason I will be making the longer trip Dallas today is because I will not only Chemo but I have an important meeting with my oncologist, Dr. Larry Anderson, who is based at based there at UT Southwestern, wich owns the aforementioned center in Fort Worth. I except that Dr. Anderson will go over the results of the kidney biopsy I had last week. Of course I hope that he has good news and that I can transition away from Chemo and towards Stem Cell Transplant surgery, which I will explain as I get closer to it. 

 Latests trip to the Oncologist 

Wednesday was one of those tough days which included a morning dialysis treatment and afternoon chemo. Yes, I was drained at the end of the day, as usual.

Cecil undergoing Chemo treatment. 6-14-17

Just before Chemo I had my monthly  chat with my Oncologist, doctor Larry Anderson , Oncology specialist at UT Southwestern in Dallas. The only oncologist in North Texas to exclusively treat plasma cell cancers, he sees about 90 percent of the Multiple Myeloma patients who come to UT Southwestern .

Melinda and I are very comfortable with him because he shoots straight and keeps us informed. 

Cecil undergoing Chemo treatment. 6-14-17

 I was hoping that he would tell us the Chemo treatments are done with because I had progressed so far. Instead he told us that he wants to do a Kidney Biopsy because he wants to be 100% sure the Cancer has not spread to, and is effecting my heart. A condition known as Cardiac amyloidosis. The somewhat positive feeling l have about this is neither Dr. Anderson or my Cardiologist have a strong feeling I have this but since I have multiple myeloma cancer the only way to tell safely is a kidney biopsy. 

So, I will be told in the next week or when I will have that procedure and when I know you will know too 🤣.