Gift from Sara Yates

My friends are so kind, generous and thoughtful to me that I do get moved literally to tears. Ask Melinda. 

The mailman and parcel services are getting a good workout too. Today I opened a box and inside is a beautiful, thoughtful card and a cool looking Texas Rangers mug from good friend Sara Yates. I can really use the mug to help measure and control my daily fluid intake for Dialysis as purpose. Thanks Sara. 

And thank all of you for your gifts but I very much appreciate the prayers and words of encouragement. It fills my soul with much needed energy. 

A beautiful gift from Minnesota! 

I contintue to be amazed at the pure kindness and generosity of you, my friends. Arriving today was simply beautiful hand crafted quilt courtesy of my very dear friend Susan Horton Kuehn. I can’t believe the job she did! 

I should have known something was up when she asked me my favorite sports team. Texas Rangers was my answer.  I had already revived an equally impressive quilt a few weeks ago from my high school classmate Dee Dee Rainbolt Dozier and I can use them because one of the things that comes with Multiple Myeloma many times is Anemia, which I do have, and I get cold a lot. Especially during Dialysis. The quilts come in handy!  

Thanks Dede Rainbolt!

I want to give a very heartfelt thanks thanks Dede Rainbolt for the beautiful quilt that arrived in the mail. 

Dede is a fellow classmate of Commerce High 1981 and the quilt is in school colors,  and has a Tiger woven in as well. True talent there! 

I’ve mentioned many times how thankful and blown away I am by the emails, phone calls, and gifts I have received since I began this battle. 

I’ll try and feature some here when I get them.