The Missing Week Of My Life Part 2

The emotional trauma I went through is kind of hard for me to describe and I want to thank everyone for giving me some time between posts to gather myself. 

Also, Melinda says that I left out the reason why my hands were tied and bound while in the hospital during my confused period. It’s because right after I had a procedure to install a catheter in my chest to draw blood, I ripped it right out and had to be rushed back to surgery to reinstall. I have absolutely no memory of any of that. 

There is one other “event” that I can share with you and it’s the only one that I think occurred while I was not in the hospital at UT Southwestern. I had been transferred to its sister facility Zale Lipshy for physical therapy and as far as I knew the episodes had ended a week or so earlier. 

I was enjoying the company of my wife Melinda and my sister Bridgette Sims and the view out my window of downtown Dallas. A thunderstorm was approaching and being an aviation fan I wondered how the airline traffic would handle the storm? Well, it just stopped, that’s how. The planes just froze in midair one after another. I asked Melinda and Bridgette if they could see it too and of course they said no, after looking at each other. The TV was on the local news and I wondered out loud why they were not covering this story of planes suspended in mid air over the city? 

My wife and sister left an hour or so later but the planes stayed and I just stared at them until I got sleepy. The last thing that happened to me, that I know of, was as I fell asleep that night the sprinkler and smoke alarm on the ceiling were moving all over the place. I really can’t explain it very well but it’s like they were playing keep away from each other. 

I have not had an issue since I got home from the hospital, thank God. There is one incident that happened during my missing week that I keep to myself and I have shared only with Melinda, but it’s too horrific and shocking to share with anyone else. 

That incident and all the others live with me and I rerun them almost daily, though perhaps less frequently as time passes. I think that the fact that I have never been high on drugs is the reason why those things bothered me so much. Maybe for other people they would actually be enjoyable? Not for me.