My wife is my Wonder Woman

Like a lot of people that I believe the Lord will never give us more than we can handle. It’s something my grandmother told me many years ago and I reflect back to it it still during tough times.  I’m facing one of my toughest challenges with my cancer diagnosis of multiple myeloma and it sure makes me remember those comforting talks wth my grandmother. 

God has truly blessed me with my wife and confident, Melinda Guyer Savage. I knew when I met and married her that she was a strong, sturdy woman who has seen and conquered some bends in the road of life of her own. 

From the moment I told her my kidneys were failing and the doctors told us two days later that I had cancer, she has never wavered in her belief that “we” would be ok. We were very much a team from the get go. She quickly took control of practicality every aspect of my life, because I was unable to.  She would say many times over and over that my job, “is to simply get well”. 

Melinda became pretty well known by the doctors and nurses at UT Southwestern Hospital in Dallas for her unyielding and straight forward attitude that I be taken care of. She was involved in almost every aspect of that goal in all of theb 33 days I spent in the hospital. The excellent people taking care of me knew Melinda pbecause she was also in the medical field as a veteran and well respected RN. She could speak the language. 

Melinda sat in on meetings with my doctors. Met with insurance represantives with my carrier and from my employer.  She talked too nutritiouns about my diet and made sure I was using a good dialysis center. She handled all aspects of our “business” life to the point that I still don’t have involvement in some of them. She did it.  I found myself many times just saying ,’you’ll have to talk to Melinda about that’. 

She did all these things, and much more,  at the expense of many phases of her own life. She missed a ton of work at Parkland Hospital and I want to thank her boss, Prentice,  for being so very understanding. 

I could NEVER have survived without Melinda. It’s such a simple statement but I say it with all my heart. We’ve shead many tears since this all started with some of the tears caused by  ‘what are we going to do now’ and many others from happy milestones passed. She’s been behind me, firmly so, every step of the way and I couldn’t love her any more.