A good Bye To Dealertrack (corrected)

I worked just about the expansion of my life. I’v been car carhop, worked a hot dog stand, been in radio/TV, a Target Manager, been the “car bidness” and several things in between. It looks like it’s all over

I don’t know if I will ever work again. The credit to cancer. The sorrow is with the me. 
I few days ago I had a long and open talk with Jonathan Herrera, my boss and friend with my current employer, DealerTrack which is a worldwide provider of stoftware solutions. Chances are that if you purchased a car you touched bases with something Dealertrack sold the dealer. I  worked 7 years for them and was home based, but my team was mostly in New York. 
I don’t don’t know that I will ever work again. 

With my daylysis and Chemo schedules the way they they and never knowing what will be a good day or bad for me, I just can’t commit to working my, even if I want to. My job is now defeating multiple myeloma

The post is a correction from Thursday, when fell asleep during Chemo and accidentally sent the post to “published “. I apologize. 

This post also touches on the finance of Cancer and I plan to dicuss it next time. 

Update on busy Wednesday 

My Wednesday started at 5am and concluded at about 5pm, which is a load for a cancer patient. 

I have bad news and good news (yes, I hate that phrase too). My oncologist did not have any news for me about the kidney biopsy from last week. He simply has not heard any news as yet, which was a real bummer. 

The good news, came as big surprise to Melinda and I, was Doctor Anderson canceled the Chemo treatment for the day and sent us home. That was a first for me, and since as last weeks bwas a scheduled Chemo as time off means that for the first time I could enjoy back to back weeks without Chemo. I’ll take it! Doctor Anderson said that my overall numbers continue to show inprovment, but that I looked tired. Amen to that. He also mentioned that based on my numbers it’s ok to take some time off because, “we’ve got Melanoma on the run”. That felt good to hear. 

He also scheduled a blood transfusion for today, which I have been wanting to some time because my hemoglobin level is very low and is leading to Amemia and dizziness when I stand which is a leading reason for a couple of recent falls I’ve had. The last transfusion I had was a couple of months ago and was a big help. 

A very busy day on my schedule 

Wednesday is almost certainly the most hectic day of the week on my schedule, with today as no exception. 

I’m already in the dialysis chair which should end around 10am or just a bit shorter. I will take a break for a lunch or breakfast meal and then it will be on to Dallas for Chemo. Melinda is taking the day off so that she can driive me. Most of my Chemo sessions take place at the Moncrief Cancer Institute in Fort Worth, which I really like because its an easy drive from my house and it is usually not crowded and I can get in and out pretty quickly. 

The reason I will be making the longer trip Dallas today is because I will not only Chemo but I have an important meeting with my oncologist, Dr. Larry Anderson, who is based at based there at UT Southwestern, wich owns the aforementioned center in Fort Worth. I except that Dr. Anderson will go over the results of the kidney biopsy I had last week. Of course I hope that he has good news and that I can transition away from Chemo and towards Stem Cell Transplant surgery, which I will explain as I get closer to it. 

Completed Kidney Biopsy 

I hope another step on the road Stem Cell Surgery was accomplished today with the completion of a kidney biopsy procedure.  

Waiting to go in to surgery

The hour long out patient survey took place at UT Southwestern Hospital in Dallas, as was needed to see if my Multiple Myeloma cancer has spread to my heart, a condition known as amyloidoses

The thinking is that it’s safer on Multiple Myeloma patients to do a kidney biopsy rather than a heart biopsy. 

The rusults, which should be available in four to five days, hopefully will show a decrease of amyloidoses, 

Rolling into Kidney Biopsy surgery

enough that I can transition past Chemo and look ahead to stem cell transplant surgery. 

 Latests trip to the Oncologist 

Wednesday was one of those tough days which included a morning dialysis treatment and afternoon chemo. Yes, I was drained at the end of the day, as usual.

Cecil undergoing Chemo treatment. 6-14-17

Just before Chemo I had my monthly  chat with my Oncologist, doctor Larry Anderson , Oncology specialist at UT Southwestern in Dallas. The only oncologist in North Texas to exclusively treat plasma cell cancers, he sees about 90 percent of the Multiple Myeloma patients who come to UT Southwestern .

Melinda and I are very comfortable with him because he shoots straight and keeps us informed. 

Cecil undergoing Chemo treatment. 6-14-17

 I was hoping that he would tell us the Chemo treatments are done with because I had progressed so far. Instead he told us that he wants to do a Kidney Biopsy because he wants to be 100% sure the Cancer has not spread to, and is effecting my heart. A condition known as Cardiac amyloidosis. The somewhat positive feeling l have about this is neither Dr. Anderson or my Cardiologist have a strong feeling I have this but since I have multiple myeloma cancer the only way to tell safely is a kidney biopsy. 

So, I will be told in the next week or when I will have that procedure and when I know you will know too 🤣. 

Cardiologist visit today.

Good morning! Yesterday I wrote about having back to back dialysis and Chemo treatments, and as expected it left me wiped out for the rest of the day. I pretty much stayed in my chair and went to bed early at about 9pm. 

I feel better this morning at 4:30 which is good because I have another busy day in my trek to beat Multiple Myeloma

I have an appointment to see a cardiologist this morning as a referral from my oncologists.

 There is a concern than my cancer has been spreading to my heart. This is a complicated phase of Multiple Myeloma called Amyloidosis which in simple terms is the spreading of proteins to your heart by the cancer, which can be a bad thing. 

The Oncologist is sure this is happening but has told me that it is treatable once he knows the extent of it. That’s what the cardiologist should help with. I’m concerned, of course, but I trust the cardiologist I have. 

In the afternoon I have another Chemo treatment but I do not have Dialysis today so I should not feel so horrible after the treatment. 

Busy day in my world. 

I woke up feeling pretty good today and it’s a good thing because I will need all my strength to feel the same at the end of the day. 

It’s just after 6am and I am sitting in the Dialysis chair having driven the 3 milies to my treatment center. I’ll talk about dialysis in a future blog post in detail but for now just know that I go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at around 5:30am and each session is 4 hours. 

I also have a Chemo treatment today, which is scheduled for 11:15am at the Moncrief Cancer Center in downtown Fort Worth. 

It’s s not at all unusual to have Dialysis and Chemo on the same day and in fact i’m accustomed to it on Wednesday and Thursday back to back. What is out of the ordinary is that time of today’s Chemo is a challenge for several reasons. I will get out of Dialysis around 9:50am and then rush home to grab a quick bite to eat which my body needs. I will also take my morning medications that Melinda will have left out for me. Then I will head out the door for the 15 minute drive to Chemo. 

The big key is how I feel after Dialysis because I will always feel tired but i’m hoping it doesn’t leave me also leave me wiped out to the point of making driving a challenge. Usually my Chemo treatments are at 1:30 or 2pm which allows my body time to recover from the morning Dialysis. 

I should get out of Chemo around 1:30 today and I will head home for what will likely be a much needed nap.