Update on busy Wednesday 

My Wednesday started at 5am and concluded at about 5pm, which is a load for a cancer patient. 

I have bad news and good news (yes, I hate that phrase too). My oncologist did not have any news for me about the kidney biopsy from last week. He simply has not heard any news as yet, which was a real bummer. 

The good news, came as big surprise to Melinda and I, was Doctor Anderson canceled the Chemo treatment for the day and sent us home. That was a first for me, and since as last weeks bwas a scheduled Chemo as time off means that for the first time I could enjoy back to back weeks without Chemo. I’ll take it! Doctor Anderson said that my overall numbers continue to show inprovment, but that I looked tired. Amen to that. He also mentioned that based on my numbers it’s ok to take some time off because, “we’ve got Melanoma on the run”. That felt good to hear. 

He also scheduled a blood transfusion for today, which I have been wanting to some time because my hemoglobin level is very low and is leading to Amemia and dizziness when I stand which is a leading reason for a couple of recent falls I’ve had. The last transfusion I had was a couple of months ago and was a big help. 

Ugh…Another fall. 

This is getting bothersome! I fell down again this morning but I am still extremely lucky because there is no damage. No broken bones anything. 

As mentioned in an earlier post, multiple myeloma patients are at a very high risk for broken bones. 

The main reason for falls both today and last Friday is because I am getting very dizzy of late when I stand up too quick from sitting and start walking. 
My hemoglobin count is the culprit. As of my last blood work by my Oncologist, my hemoglobin count was at 7.8. That’s low. According to the Mayo Clinic, “low hemoglobin count is generally defined as less than 13.5 grams”.

The lower the count is lower the amount of red blood cells my body is getting for oxygen and I feel faint when I get up until my body stabilizes things. 

A blood transfusion is a quick way to boost the red blood count and I did have one a couple of months ago and felt great afterwards. My Oncologist has not ordered one this time. Yet. 

Today I was headed to the restroom and started feeling dizzy and faint about halfway there. I made it to the door handle and hit the floor, landing on all fours. I stayed that way for a minute until Melinda helped me up. I made a quick inventory of my body and declared myself fine.