Thinking of John MaCcain 

This is in no way whatsoever a ploy to open political dialogue.  It’s about cancer. John MaCcain, the  80 year old Republican Senator from Arizona,  recently joined the fight against this menacing disease. Only he knows the path he will choose against in this latest challenge in his life. 

MaCcain, has glioblastoma, one of the most common but also one of the most malignant brain tumors that is apparently much more aggressive and puts him in a greater risk for death, short term, than I face with Multiple Myeloma. From my standpoint cancer is cancer. The diagnosis for MaCcain was based on a biopsy of the tissue removed from his brain on Friday during surgery at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix. Despite the dreary numbers lining up against him MaCcain could beat the odds and live a still productive life.   I could lose my battle at any time. Cancer is Cancer. 

MaCcain has beat some great odds already in his is life as a captured Vietnam War veteran which included a stay in the horrific  Hanoi Hilton. 

This fight with cancer will obviously be a greater test for him but I have found that with a strong family background, good doctors, lots of friends, and PRAYERS that cancer can be challenged.